Smart solution with cool looks!

Dome-greenhouse: Thanks to its dome shaped form, the light and temperature inside the greenhouse is equally spread. The greenhouse is designed to enable to keep the plants on multi-level. The temperature inside of the greenhouse is regulated with automatic openers.

Due to its smart design and high quality materials the greenhouse is durable to resist the extreme weather conditions – even the storm, snow or heating sun. The spacious dome-greenhouse has a high ceiling which makes working inside of it extra comfortable!

The dome-greenhouse will keep your plants growing healthy, vital and happy. Working with plants reduces your stress level, keeping yourself happy and healthy as well! 

Dome-greenhouse features:

  • We will build the dome-greenhouse according your desired measurements, as well the special growing boxes, to maximize the usage of the growing space;

  • High quality impregnated wood used for the frames can be colored accordingly to your color preferences;

  • As cover material we use 4-10mm polycarbonate (just for you to know that using 10mm polycarbonate cover you can remarkably extend the growing period);

  • As an addition there´s an opportunity to add automatic watering system;

  • Dome-greenhouse is not 100% waterproof.

Your new dome-greenhouse is looking forward to grow your beautiful plants!

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